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In response to the requests from our many fans, and particularly to those with dairy allergies and/or a vegan diet, Dr Will has formulated a new bar utilizing rice protein rather than whey protein. What? No Whey!!

So let’s talk protein…because we know that our inquisitive fans really want to know!! And when it comes to nutrition, the more you know and understand, the healthier you can be!

There are many choices about what sort of protein powders to consume. But here’s the brief, bullet point explanation:

  • Proteins are comprised of amino acids. (these are the building blocks of all proteins.)
  • The human body requires 20 amino acids to make all the proteins it needs to function.
  • Of these 20 amino acids, 11 are required in the diet and 9 are made by the liver and are therefore not required in the diet.
  • The 11 needed through the diet are thus called the “essential amino acids”.

How to evaluate a protein. First, we consider whether it is a “complete protein”, that is, does it contain all of the essential amino acids. Generally, animal proteins are more complete than vegetable proteins, and in the case of whey, it is in fact, a complete protein – rice protein is not.

Next, a more common and accepted evaluation of a protein is its “Biological Value” or BV score. This is a quantification of its bioavailability. WHAT? That’s a big word that just means … how easily it is digested, absorbed and synthesized by the body’s cells. The BV of whey protein isolate (used in the DrWillBar) is 100. Rice protein however, has a BV score of 83.

The last measurement for protein evaluation, which is becoming more accepted and understood in the world of nutrition is the “Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score” or PDCAAS…this is the World Health Organization’s method to evaluate a protein’s value. Whey protein has a PDCAAS of 1, whereas rice protein has a PCAAS of .47.

So now hopefully, you know “whey” more about protein than before. So why have a bar without whey? Why do we have an alternative? Here are the top 4 reasons:

  1. Well, perhaps the obvious answer is that we eat many foods with protein, and may not need the extra protein boost of whey.
  2. Whey is a dairy protein unsuitable for vegans.
  3. Some individuals suffer with dairy allergy and cannot consume whey.
  4. The plant-based proteins may fight inflammation and reduce muscle soreness more effectively than dairy-based proteins.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE DELICOUSNESS? When you change the protein does it change the flavor of this awesome, moist nutrition bar? That’s the cool part … it’s still awesome. It’s WAY awesome.

brown rice

There is no apparent difference in the taste, other than to those with the most discerning taste buds!!! And they seem not to prefer one over the other!


Here’s the deal – for every box of original bars that you order, we will also include for you one FREE VEGAN DR WILL BAR – the one made with the rice protein. Give it a try and PLEASE – let us know what you think.

And for those of you who have been chomping at the bit for the vegan bar – feel free to place your order today because we will ship those fresh bars out to you just like we do the original!


2 Replies to “Vegan Dr Will Bar”

  1. I absolutely love the vegan bars, they are by far my favorite. its kind of like getting a slice of extremely healthy and nutritious peanut butter cheesecake. They give me the energy I need as a gluten free and vegan college athlete as well as the protein to keep me full!

  2. Thanks for sharing Hannah! We love hearing from our happy customers! Here at Dr Will Bar we wish you much success at college and after! Go get ’em girl!

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