Summer Fun is Delicious

Ahh Summer!! Time to get out of town and relax with family and friends. Whether you are hitting the road or catching a plane, be sure to take along gluten free Dr. Will Bars.

Don’t get caught hungry at the over-priced airport stores. And don’t let the temptation of fast “food” lull you in – just because you don’t have something delicious and handy close by.

Original (with whey protein) or Vegan (with brown rice protein) … Dr. Will Bar is a perfect travel buddy.  Order now! 



Group Dynamics

Geese innately know the benefits of group dynamics and here are a 4 facts found on the internet about this gaggle:

  1. When a goose flaps its wings it creates an “uplift” for the birds around. As a group, and flying in formation, the flock together adds 72% greater flying range than if each of the birds flew alone.
  2. When one drops out, it feels the drag of flying alone. But when it comes back to the group it once again takes advantage of the lifting power of the birds around.
  3. When the goose in front gets tired, it rotates into the group and another goose flies to the front for a turn.
  4. The geese honk to encourage the ones in front to keep up their speed.

Looks like this is one instance where Continue reading “Group Dynamics”

Seasons Greetings and Thoughts On Eating

Dr Will Bar

    Weight-A-Minute …

    Don’t let the title fool you,
    this isn’t Dr. Seuss.
    It’s Dr Will and I am here
    to write about abuse.
(Say, this rhyming thing is catchy).

 Anyway, I am writing about abuse … abuse of the holiday celebrations. As the season of celebrations and cheer, parties, cocktails, feasts and sweets commences, it’s easy to get carried away. And while I don’t want to be like the Grinch, let’s take a moment to ponder our “weight concerns” and Continue reading “Seasons Greetings and Thoughts On Eating”