Once upon a time we searched the saturated fitness bar market for the best nutrition bar.  Many were too dry. Some were too sweet. Most had gluten. Lots caused blood sugar spikes and were loaded with empty calories. But the hardest quality of all to find was . . .  delicious! What could we do? . . .Dr. Will Harden, athlete, nutritionist and creator of the Doctor Will Bar, was not satisfied with the standard old sawdust fitness bars either.  Dr. Will found that most of his friends all felt the same way. Searching for the nirvana of fitness bars proved futile. So Dr. Will decided to create his own bar.  This was his criteria:

  • More fiber
  • More protein or fatty acids
  • Good or nourishing enough to replace a meal
  • Real food
  • Definitely delicious!

The idea was that there be no concerns about empty calories, spiking blood sugar or boring taste.  He envisioned real food he could feel good about eating all the time. Dr. Will created the sensational Doctor Will Bar in his own kitchen not to sell or even to share, but for his own consumption. He knew that the perfect bar could easily be

  1.  light breakfast
  2. a recharge before or after a workout
  3. a quick lunch during a crazy day
  4. a tasty after school snack
  5. a nutritious bite on a plane or in the car

The possibilities were exciting. So began months of work in the kitchen, countless grocery trips and taste-testing, incessant ingredient changes and discarded batches. Evenings and weekends were consumed with the quest to find the perfect combination for the dream bar.  Finally, Dr. Will had a bar that met his high expectations and it made its way into the hands of friends and other athletes.  They loved it and began raving about it.  So was born the bar that friends and family would fondly call the Doctor Will Bar.

But wait, that’s not the end! After a while, Dr. Will got his bar commercially made and available to all. The people rejoiced. However, some were asking … can you make it gluten free? After research, and trials and testing the answer was finally – absolutely!  So the already loved bar became the bar of choice for many! Want to get your hands on some bars? Click on the button below.

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